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Piazza della Signoria

The main square of the old centre, dominated by Palazzo Vecchio, hosts the Fountain of the Piazza, by Bartolomeo Ammannati, with its enormous statue of Neptune, called the “Biancone” by Florentines because of its clear white mass. The bronze statues that decorate the pool of the fountain are very beautiful, representing satyrs and naiads, again owed to Ammannati and others, among them Giambologna.

The asymmetrical complex of the Palazzo Vecchio, on the northern side, dominates the square. To the right is the Loggia dei Lanzi, a late Gothic structure built by Benci di Cione and 5imone Talenti (1376-82), which houses a group of important sculptures, including Cellini's famous Perseus and Hercules and the Centaur by Giambologna.

At the left of the building is the sparkling Neptune fountain by Bartolomeo Ammannati and collaborators (1563-1575).
Because of the enormous white mass of the sea god set in the center of the fountain on a chariot drawn by sea horses, the Florentines renamed the sculpture, the Biancone, the White Giant, and the name has stuck.

To one side stands the Equestrian statue of Cosimo I  by Giambologna. The square is surrounded by interesting old palaces.

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